I have enjoyed painting and drawing all my life. It wasn’t until the end of 2018 that I decided to pursue my passion full time.

Oil on canvas is my main medium, but I also love to do pencil sketches. I’m based in Sydney but have my artwork displayed in people’s homes in Australia as well as overseas.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts Course at University of Western Sydney (1994), attended North Shore School of Arts to further my creative painting and drawing skills (2012), and completed a Fashion Illustration Course (2013).

I create custom paintings that capture the subject’s personality and inner spark. I mostly paint from photographs as this tends to suit everyone’s busy lifestyle, and avoids the strain for children and pets sitting still for hours.

My paintings are of families, friends, pets, special occasions, career highlights and celebrities. I have recently begun a new genre, “Ancestry Paintings.” Due to the popular interest in family trees, these paintings of generations are expected to become the heirlooms of the future.

Each painting has a special purpose and many have been described as perfect gifts. Each painting is different and I utilise a variety of colours and techniques to create the mood that is suitable to the subject.

Everyone has a story. I connect with people, listen to their stories, and give back something that captures their heart. My biggest fulfillment is to see people’s reactions when they receive my paintings.

With every painting, I offer framing

With every painting, I always offer framing. Lisa at Three P's Picture Framing takes the original artwork and display them in a frame that will protect and highlight the artwork. I can give you the best advice and guidance on which framing method will best suit. I always send options to my clients by placing the frames along side the artwork to find the right one which beautifully presents the painting.

I can organise the framing so all you need to worry about is where to hang your artwork.

Below are some different styles used to bring out the paintings.

Sliver large frame to beautifully match the painting. It has the same texture as the background.
Beautiful gold frame chosen for Bubba
conor framed
A gold frame for the gorgeous couple

Phone: +61 407 010 517

Email: me@xinh.com.au

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