Family and Friends

Working from photographs is such an advantage when I want to capture the perfect moment with children and babies. When the right photo is taken, there is nothing better than seeing a beautiful oil painting of a beloved person in your life. You can gaze at it at your leisure and sense the presence of their inner soul.


The Process

First, we need to establish the subject and which photo you wish to use. Is it just one photo or are there a number of photos you would like incorporated into one. Or is it a series of photos you would like to create paintings for. Colours, backgrounds and styles are also discussed.

These are the most popular sizes, however others are available on request.

30cm x 40cm / 12″ x 16″

40cm x 50cm / 16″ x 20″

51cm x 76cm / 20″ x 30″

Would you require framing or just leave as stretched canvas over wooden frame and ready to hang? There is an additional cost for framing. To help chose the right style, I send options for you to chose from or you can create your own. Click here to view some frame styles.

A deposit of 50% is required to start the artwork and balance upon final approval. Generally, give a week for artwork to be completed, a week to dry, a week for framing and a week for shipping if required. This is only a general guide, previous artwork has been delivered sooner but if there is a backlog, please allow extra time. I do try my best to deliver on time if there is a deadline.

I can walk you through the painting process or I can send you the final piece for approval. This is the stage that alterations can be made so you are completely satisfied with what you are receiving.

Artwork is usually packed and bubble wrapped for delivery.

With permission I share my artwork and their stories and post photos with the paintings.



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