Zana Pali

My Kitchen Rules - Melbourne, Australia

"I’m a huge believer in supporting women in business especially when they’re so talented!! This incredible artist Xinh painted a gorgeous portrait of us and I absolutely love it."

Jessica Eckford Aguilera

Newcastle Flower Markets - Newcastle, Australia

“When you receive this beautiful gift from such wonderful friends, to say I was emotional receiving this was an understatement. The talented artist is the incredibly talented Xinh."

Maria Digeronimo

Yummy Mummies - Adelaide, Australia

"Thanks to Xinh for this hand painted picture of Valentina. Her page showcases many amazing creations!"

Tim Robards

The Bachelor AU, Neighbours - Sydney, Australia

"How amazing is this!!! I’m not sure if this kind of talent can be taught or if some are just born with it... sure it’s a bit of both... I’ll stick to stick figures for now.. but amazing work Xinh."

Elio Bespoke

Sydney, Australia

Hi Xinh, I would like to hand out a special thanks for painting my mum's little dog or should I say son “Bubba”. He looks absolutely fantastic and you’ve captured him better than could be imagined. I can’t wait to see her face when she receives him. I am pretty sure I finally found the perfect present after a lifetime of searching. Thanks again, you are a truly talented artist.

Piero Piazzo

President Women Management - Milan, Italy

“The super talented Australian painter Xinh created this 45x60 cm portrait for me and as soon as I saw it I was enchanted by the reality and the technique of this masterpiece .
Thank you so much Xinh, you are really amazing."

Steve Pennells

Sunday Night, Channel 7 - Sydney, Australia

"It was great to meet you too. Thanks so much for the painting. I love it!" 

Zizi Bathsheba

Sydney, Australia

"What's not to love about this portrait of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks? I commissioned Xinh to paint this portrait for me because I admire the gentle and intelligent teaching in his books and you tube videos. His personality just sparkles in this portrait. I'm over the moon with the portrait. I'm very impressed with the brushwork in the hair and beard. How does Xinh achieve such painterly success?"

Cathro Freeman

Newcastle, Australia

"Thank you Linda Dipper for this most beautiful painting of the love of my life my daughter Morgan Freeman.
Truly touched and moved by how stunningly painted this is of a most amazing daughter."

Lucas Yancey

The Bachelorette ABC - Los Angeles, USA

“Thank you so much Xinh 🎨 for being so kynd and creating this❤️”

Jona Xiao

Chinese Actress - Los Angeles, USA

"Thank you so much Xinh for doing such an incredible job with this oil painting! What an awesome gift! I remember really enjoying painting when I was a teenager and love that Xinh shares her gifts as an artist with the world."

Jeanette Borg

Sydney, Australia

"Thank you Xinh, it’s beautiful. You’ve captured our much loved Rocky perfectly. You are very talented. Your gift captures what is close to the heart”

Donna Malpass

Sydney, Australia

"My puppy, this is superb, thank you 😘 xinh."


Sydney, Australia

“Love between father and daughter cannot be expressed in words but the painting says it all 💖”

Hoa Tran Nunez

Sydney Australia

“Thank you Xinh for this timeless wedding gift. Your painting perfectly captures our everlasting love. It brought tears to our eyes when you revealed it on the weekend of our wedding. It will be cherished in our family for many generations to come”


Artist - New York, USA

“Just received my oil portrait from the super talented Xinh and love it so much. Looks so great in my room! Love it!”

Dr Andrew Bullen

Vascular Surgery - Wollongong, Australia

“A perfect tribute to a significant moment in my career. Xinh has captured every detail with such reality. I am speechless.”

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