Oil on canvas

cm: 46 x 61

inches: 18 x 24

Archibald Entrant – sufferer of the untested transvaginal mesh

“You know my story. It is the same one that is being lived by thousands of women in Australia and throughout the world. A relatively untested product for incontinence and prolapse called transvaginal mesh, made its way into Australia with the blessing of a government authority who was alerted to a range of adverse reactions as early as 2008 but chose to ignore them. What followed and continues to this day can only be described as a nightmare. Debilitating pain, perforation of internal organs, urine and faecal incontinence, loss of mobility, depression, breakdown of relationships, loss of income, dependence on government support, isolation, and the greatest indignity, loss of control over one’s own destiny.

On behalf of the women whose lives have been ravaged by mesh, I refuse to believe that we are an ‘acceptable risk’ for this crime. Our suffering will not be undermined by those who seek to cover up and protect their own self interests. We do not need a hero, we are the heroes. I demand justice. Be it sling, tape, mesh, call it what you will, ban this product and protect the mothers, daughters, wives and sisters, indeed the women of Australia, from further assault and violation.” – Fiona Ford

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  1. Fiona Ford

    “I’m honoured to have been asked to tell my story through your hands.”

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