The Mentor

Oil on canvas

cm:  46 x 61

inches: 18’ x 24’

A traditional oil painting to display a career highlight

Three generations of surgical training/teaching. Andrew on the left was teaching his trainee on the right, Yogee. By chance the surgeon that trained Andrew happened to be present when the case was on and scrubbed into the case to help out. It was a rare moment where you have the teacher watch his trainee (now a surgeon) train the next generation.
Dr Andrew Bullen is an Endovascular and Vascular surgeon in the Illawarra region with appointments at The Wollongong Public and Wollongong Private Hospital. Specialising in comprehensive diabetic foot care, carotid artery treatment and minimally invasive aortic aneurysm repair, his practice covers all aspects of arterial and venous disease.
“The Mentor” is on displayed at Andrew’s Consulting Medical Rooms, Wollongong.
Weight 1 kg

3 reviews for The Mentor

  1. Alley Bullen

    “Absolutely LOVE IT!!! You captured everything I wanted!!! So glad I came across your work… I’m going to have to line up the next ones :))”

  2. Dr Andrew Bullen

    “A perfect tribute to a significant moment in my career. Xinh has captured every detail with such reality. I am speechless.”

  3. @kmartandloves

    “Absolutely beautiful work..such a talented artist ♥️the moment captured beautifully 🙌🏻”

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