Oil on canvas

cm: 30 x 40

inches: 12 x 16

“Meika is a Maltese cross something! Could be Terrier or Pekingese – not quite sure. We got her at 8 years old from a family that couldn’t look after her any longer. I originally got her for my elderly mother as a companion dog and she was her Mother’s Day present. Mum was so surprised and really happy to have Meika around. Unfortunately mum had a fall, was admitted to hospital and we took Meika in that situation in the hope that mum would get better. However mum now resides in an aged care facility & Meika lives with us. We’ve had her permanently in our lives since June and have lost our hearts to her. She is so sweet and precious, but has a loud bark when she sees other dogs! She’s living her best life and we are as well with her in our family. We can’t imagine her without us so I’m so happy to have her represented in such a beautiful way. The painting is truly amazing. Thank you so much xx” – Iliana


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