Strength and hope

“Strength and hope”

inches: 30 x 40

cm: 76 x 1016

“This sensitive rendering of the Mexican thought-leader, Frida Kahlo, gets to the very heart and soul of her vision. Kahlo’s own work was celebrated as the raising up of Mexican indigenous and national traditions as well as an uncompromising statement of female existential reality.

Xinh presents Frida Kahlo as a type in which we can find strength, and through whom we can touch hope. Kahlo’s dignified optimism is expressed in the depth and color of the mysterious flowers in the painting, and in her poise. Xinh’s painting enters the onlooker’s brain as a feeling of the affirmation of life.” – Xixi Alexander

I have just finished my Frida Kahlo. The is a special piece for me as it signifies strength and hope. These bright colours gives me a sense of happiness and fulfilment.
I made the floral headpiece for an event coming up to my sisters wedding, a significant time in my life. And my artist’s model? That’s my son, who wasn’t too impressed about wearing a wreath of flowers! 😒

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 2 cm


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